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The Financial Analysis and Credit Tool System (FACTS) is based on a financial analysis spreadsheet developed by SEDA-COG and funded through a Pennsylvania Discovered and Developed in PA grant.

DCED Approved Certified Providers
The PA DCED has required that agencies involved in the underwriting, processing, and servicing of State loan programs be Certified on an annual basis. While not required, the use of the FACTS system may help in the certification process.

Financial Analysis Portfolios
FACTS is organized by a Portfolio of companies that a Certified Provider has made a loan to or is analyzing whether to make a loan to them. The financial analysis is done on the company, regardless of how many loans have been made to them.

Standardized Loan Analysis
With the use of FACTS, Certified Providers will be using the same analysis tool that is being used by DCED when they perform their analysis of loan requests. Therefore, the use of FACTS will create a standardized credit analysis format that will lead to a faster review of a request for financing.

Data Transfer to DCED
The financial analysis performed through FACTS will be able to be emailed to DCED for new loan requests as well as servicing requests. DCED will then have access to the information you have entered up to that point for their loan review.

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